Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Finishes Do You Offer?

Avtec Finishing Systems and Nico Products combine to offer nearly 70% of the chemical finishes available in the market. We are a true one stop shop for many of our customers offering mechanical finishing options, plating, anodize, and conversion coatings. Whether your application is for enhanced corrosion protection, improved aesthetics, salvage, or engineering purposes, The Lindgren Group will have options you can explore. To see our complete list of finishes click here…

What Certifications Do You Hold?

The Lindgren Group is ISO Certified, Nadcap Accredited, holds a Federal Firearms License, and is both RoHS and Reach Compliant. To view our certifications and learn more about each click here…

What Specifications Can You Meet?

While the most common specifications in our industry are Mil-Specs, ASTM, and AMS Specifications, we process work to literally hundreds of specifications from Aerospace and Defense to OEM designed specifications. We are happy to assist you with designing your specification or interpreting existing specifications. Our estimating and quality departments are available to assist you.

What is RoHS?

“RoHS” stands for “Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment”. It generally refers to Directive 2002/95/EC that entered into force on 27 January 2003. Article 4 of the RoHS Directive, hereinafter called “the Directive”, says that “member states shall ensure that, from 1 July 2006, new electrical and electronic equipment put on the market does not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) or polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)”.

What Does Nadcap Mean?

Nadcap is a quality accreditation program. Most are familiar with ISO Certifications and the quality systems built to meet those requirements. Nacap is designed to meet the requirements of Aerospace and Defense work, with a focus on process controls. A very stringent set of rules dictate how we control and operate our processes along with appropriate testing and documentation. Nadcap stands for National Aerospace Defense Contractors Accreditation Program. It is very difficult to achieve, and speaks highly of our organization. For more information on Nadcap click here…

What Materials Can You Work With?

The Lindgren Group can provide plating options for most materials. We offer finishes for Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Tellurium Copper, Kovar, Hastalloys, Monels, Inconels, and many others. Parts we finish comes in all forms. Avtec Finishing Systems and Nico Products work with extrusions, castings, sheet, forgings, stampings, machined parts, tool, and many other material forms. We are happy to assist you with your requirements…

Can You Help Me Salvage My Parts?

One of the many uses of plating or metal finishing is salvage. Plating can be used to improve aesthetics, corrosion and wear properties, and can also be used to salvage parts where there are dimensional concerns. Parts would be carefully reviewed by our quality group, waivers reviewed, and samples provided to determine your salvage options. Contact us for more information.

Why do you mechanically finish a part?

There are several reasons and ways to mechanically finish a part. Abrasive blasting, Shot blasting, Vibratory and Tumble Deburring, Harperizing/Centrifugal Finishing, Sanding, Buffing and Polishing are just a few types of mechanical finishing. As with the number of options for mechanically finishing a part, there are a variety of reasons to utilize this technology. Some of the reasons are:

  • De-scaling and removing heat treat scale
  • Eliminating burrs on the surface of parts
  • Rounding edges for safe handling
  • Preparing part for plating
  • Texturing parts for adhesion or functionality
  • Improving the cosmetic appearance of the parts

How Does Part Geometry Impact Plating?

Part design can impact plating in a number of ways . Part weight, recessed areas, blind holes, sharp angles, and thread design all impact plating. From a tooling standpoint it will be important to provide areas for racking parts. Deep recesses can be difficult to plate, particularly when calling for electrolytic plating where current “throw” is critical. The result could be air pocketing or lack of plating. Blind holes can be challenging to rinse and can entrap solution leading to lack of plating or staining. Parts without adequate radius can lead to hardcoat edge effect, or plating chipping off the part. Finally, thread design is important both in terms of rinsing challenges as well as buildup multipliers in holes. To discuss your application further please contact our team…

What Is The Average Delivery Turnaround Time For Parts You Process?

As an organization our average turnaround time is between three and five business days. For jobs requiring masking, blasting, polishing, dry film, or other pre or post operations plan for additional time. At both Avtec Finishing Systems and Nico Products we employ full-time production schedulers to work with you to meet your delivery requirements and requests for expedited ordering. It is our goal to meet your requirements and make working with The Lindgren Group easy for you.

How Can I Open An Account With The Lindgren Group?

Simply complete our credit application. Once approved, you’ll be offered Net 30 Day Payment Terms to make transactions with The Lindgren Group convenient. For a copy of The Lindgren Group Credit Application click here…