Quality Overview

Statement from the President:

“We at The Lindgren Group recognize the importance of excellent quality in the market.  I believe providing outstanding quality to be the single most critical thing we do as an organization.  Because of that, we have made significant investments in our quality systems and will continue to invest in this area of our business to ensure we not only meet and exceed customer expectations, but lead our industry by providing superior quality to the marketplace.”

-Pete Waldo, President – The Lindgren Group


Our Mission

Serve our customers better than anyone else can

Develop and maintain deep customer loyalty

Provide opportunities for our employees to grow

Exceed our financial objectives while maintaining exemplary environmental compliance


Our Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction through

  • Service
  • Delivery
  • Quality
  • Continuous Improvement


Operating Principles
  • The Lindgren Group understands that the successful introduction of new products is the single greatest predictor of future value.
  • Understand that successful product development results from knowing our market and our customer’s needs.
  • Continuously leverage our technologies across various applications and markets
  • Strive to reduce the time from identification of market opportunities to the introduction and shipment of new products.
  • Seek growth opportunities regardless of the presence of competition, the size of the market, or the source of the technology.
  • Encourage and support taking thoughtful business risk.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our business processes.
  • We are performance driven and are accountable for our results.
  • Attain, retain, train and grow our employees.
  • Motivate and reward our employees for their initiative and performance – their accomplishments are vital to our success.