Zinc plating is a tool used in combating metal corrosion.  There is a wide range of options for this protective coating. The electrodeposited Zinc Plating becomes a sacrificial layer, protecting the substrate against corrosion. The use of chromates and post-process topcoats further enhance the corrosion protection. Common substrates utilizing Zinc Plating include iron and steel.

Zinc Plating Options Available:

  • Rack and Barrel/Bulk Processing
  • Zinc Plating with and without Chromate/Passivate Options
  • Post process Topcoats to further enhance corrosion protection
  • Hexavalent & Trivalent (RoHS) options
  • Pre and Post Bake Options

Chromate Options Available:

  • Clear  – Trivalent
  • Yellow – Hexavalent
  • Black – Trivalent & Hexavalent
  • Olive drab – Trivalent & Hexavalent


ASTM F1941 or ASTM F1941M
AMS 2402

Steel Nuts bolts metal finishing

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