Zinc Nickel

In the last decade, electroplated Zinc-nickel deposits have become increasingly requested. The main reason for this is the ability of zinc-nickel to offer excellent corrosion protection when applied over ferrous substrates. It is not uncommon for zinc-nickel to achieve 240 hours to white corrosion and 1000 hrs to red, based on neutral salt spray testing at 8um thickness.

The automotive, agricultural and other durable goods industries continue to focus heavily on zinc-nickel plated deposits. As zinc-nickel plating chemistries have improved plating speed, ductility, and brightness characteristics, the cost to operate has become much more attractive. Excellent non-embrittlement properties make zinc-nickel very attractive for high strength fastener applications. The finish is also considered as a direct replacement for cadmium in a number of connector applications

Finishing options available:

  • Alkaline Zinc-Nickel (12-15% Ni)
  • Hexavalent Chrome free
  • Clear-Iridescent
  • Black Chromates
  • Multiple Topcoat and Friction modifiers are available
  • Both Rack and Barrel processing available

Common Specifications, numerous other uncommon specs not listed:

  • SAE-AMS -2417
  • ASTM F1941
  • ASTM B841  (with deviation)
  • JDM F21
  • 96-11402_01 (BAE)
  • 12578628 (BAE)
  • 1E0397F (Caterpillar)
  • 4_497_037 (Bosch)