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Value Added Services

Dry Film Lubricants Aluminum Oxide and Sand Blasting Tumbling and Vibratory Deburring Masking Packaging Baking Certifications Prototype Finishing Sample Processing Ultrasonic Cleaning Vapor Degreasing
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Type III Hardcoat Anodize

Overview Type III Anodizing , also known as Hardcoat Anodizing or Hard Anodizing, is similar to Type II Anodizing, but creates a thicker, more durable layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the finished part. This is accomplished by manipulating the current density and bath parameters. After this process, the resulting finish has superior…
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Type II Anodize

Overview Type II Anodizing, also known as regular or Sulfuric Anodizing, is the process of using electrolytic oxidation to create an aluminum oxide surface on an aluminum part. This oxide layer is a combination of buildup on the surface of the part and penetration into the metal. The typical ratio of penetration vs. build up…
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Overview The Lindgren Group offers Nitric Acid Passivation, Nitric & Sodium Dichromate, as well as Citric Acid Passivation to industries throughout the United States, and specializes in the Medical, Aerospace, and Defense Industries. Our Nadcap and ISO Certified facilities adhere to stringent process controls to insure repeatability in our processing of the most critical components.…
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