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Zinc Nickel

In the last decade, electroplated Zinc-nickel deposits have become increasingly requested. The main reason for this is the ability of zinc-nickel to offer excellent corrosion protection when applied over ferrous substrates. It is not uncommon for zinc-nickel to achieve 240 hours to white corrosion and 1000 hrs to red, based on neutral salt spray testing…
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Vapor Degrease

Overview Solvent vapor degreasing is a parts cleaning process that has been used in many applications for some years. Virtually every communications or electronics system and aircraft flying today has components that have been vapor degreased. Also, surgical tools and medical implants often are cleaned using solvent vapor degreasing. In fact, solvent vapor degreasing is…
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Value Added Services

Dry Film Lubricants Aluminum Oxide and Sand Blasting Tumbling and Vibratory Deburring Masking Packaging Baking Certifications Prototype Finishing Sample Processing Ultrasonic Cleaning Vapor Degreasing
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Overview Zinc plating is a tool used in combating corrosion of metals. Essentially, you can think of plating as a double protection system (zinc and chromate) from corrosion for metal parts. There is a wide range of options regarding this protective coating. How does it work? The zinc corrodes first sacrificing itself for the benefit…
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