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Overview Tin plating is used extensively on many different types of metals, both ferrous and nonferrous. Tin is a gray-white, soft, and ductile metal that is not easily oxidized in air. Electrodeposited tin has good conductivity and corrosion resistance while enhancing solderability of substrates that are not otherwise easily soldered to. Tin is generally considered…
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Overview Silver plating has many different uses in an industrial setting. It can be used as an engineering coating due to its superior conductivity and corrosion resistance. When used in plating, silver’s conductivity allows for extensive use in electronics and semiconductor industries. It is also used extensively in the aerospace, telecommunications, military, and automotive industries.…
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Overview Phosphate coating is a type of treatment for metals, especially iron and steel, in which a layer of a phosphate of another metal, such as zinc, is applied to provide protection against corrosion. Phosphate coating a steel part provides an inert layer that will help prevent rusting as well as provide a stable base…
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Overview With our state of the art gold operation, we pride ourselves on quality, service, short lead times and competitive pricing. We utilize gold pure to 99.9% and hardened to a purity of 99.7% containing cobalt to harden gold deposits, and we specialize in working with your engineers to provide process engineering and prototyping R&D…
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