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Electrolytic Nickel

Overview Nickel electroplating is a process of depositing nickel on a metal part. Parts to be plated must be clean and free of dirt, corrosion, and defects before plating can begin. To clean and protect the part during the plating process a combination of heat treating, cleaning, masking, pickling, and etching may be used. Once…
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Overview Copper plating creates an outstanding barrier layer that can cover substrate metals and alloys. Utilizing copper plating provides an easy-to-plate, level, and in some cases, smooth substrate, making it even more popular than nickel plating for certain metal finishing applications. Although it can be used independently, copper is typically used as an underplate for…
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Bright Dip

Overview Bright dip is a chemical process that removes oxides and enhances the brightness of base metals while at the same time providing a shiny finish to the original base material color. The finished-part brightness is dependent on the type of base material. In addition, the bright dip process does not leave any type of…
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